About Us

I am Christian Abalo an aspiring Affiliate Marketer and a Computer Engineer. I’ve always wanted to work online, managing my own time and place. That’s my ideal job. That’s also the reason why I created several blogs/websites to earn passive residual income. Blogging is really great because once your blog/website will be popular (gaining more traffic), you don’t have to exert effort for you to earn thousands of Dollars per month. I am really aiming for that, and still working on it.

I encouraged blogging when I was still working in a call center industry back in 2012. Honestly, I don’t like to deal with bosses (especially difficult bosses) and meeting the metrics (standards). I just want to be free, no bosses, no metrics, no schedules or whatsoever. For now, my online income is still insufficient for my family needs and wants. But I do have plans and strategies for me to be financially free next year. I have high hopes that I will be able to make it. You should watch out for that and hoping that you will support my other sites I maintain. I have more than 10 blogs/websites but it is really difficult for me to update all of them.

My Blogs/Websites I Own and Maintain.

Zakyri Tricks

Zakyri is a blog where your can get some tips and tricks on devices with specifications and features. Get latest updates on current news, reviews, technology news and events.

ZK TipsNTricks

ZK TipsNTricks is a technology blog where your can get updates, latest phone, upcoming phones, user manual and tips and tricks on your device.

SEO Submit URL

Best SEO Tips. Get listing of all FREE website directories and article directories to build your backlinks. Improving your webiste ranking and search results with some SEO tips.

Zephyrr Makes Money

Learn hundreds of ways to earn money online. Earning money using your Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones.

ZK Advise Me

Got problems? Or have some stories to tell? Share it with us. We publish and advise with your difficulties. Seek for answers and make the right decision.

If you will be asking where did I get those names on my sites, I actually derived them in my daughter and son’s names (Daughter: Zaphroen Kyre, Son: Zephyrr Kyle).