How to Fix Broken Links by Redirecting URL's on Blogger

Broken links happen to each blog, specially when you are a starter and keep on updating your URL or customizing it. If you will not be able to fix your broken links then you will lose visitors on your sites. Because they did not get what they are expecting to your site. I know that it is not our intention to have these broken links, so here's a solution for you.

How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

The Webmaster Tools is very helpful to track your site keywords, pages crawled, pages errors, search queries and more. You can select which Webmaster Tools you will use, or you can also use both of them. I am currently using both of them. You will not lose anything because you can use these tools for free. This is one of the very useful free tools that bloggers can't live without. But of course, content is prioritize more to rank higher on search engines. So how will you setup Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

How to Submit Your Site/Blog to Search Engines

There are a lot of tools nowadays that will automatically submit your site/blog to search engines. Some are for free and the others needs a payment. But why pay when you can have it for free right? I must tell you that other search engines don't really have much effect in your site traffic. The main search engines which I can guarantee your traffic is on these list below.

100+ Free Do Follow Article Directory Site Lists High PR 7 to PR 0

Here's the ultimate lists of Free article directory sites with high page rank 7 to page rank 0. Article submission is one of the most effective way in building your backlinks with good results. I already have some lists on this blog with article directory sites according to their page ranks. But I want to merge all the lists on one so that it will be easier for you to submit your site.

300+ Free Do-Follow Submission Directories High PR 7 to PR0

If you have noticed on my previous posts, I already have the list of free do follow directories on this site. But I created this post so that you will have the complete list of free directories from PR 7 to PR 0. This will be the ultimate list of free do follow submission directories.

How to Fix Errors on Google Webmaster Tools Structured Data

Recently, I have noticed a lot of errors on my Webmaster Tools Structured Data. I researched it further and it seems that it does not affect on search results. But even so, I wanted to remove all these errors for the sake of contentment. Below are the lists of errors I encountered on my Webmaster Tools Structured Data:

3 Helpful Tips Before Starting a Blog

Are you planning to start a blog? There are several factors to consider before starting a blog. Many people make their blog just for fun without planning. Chances are they might not get their targeted pageviews and most likely will not rank higher on Google. Don't worry once you are finished reading this post, I am sure that you will be ready to start your blog.

How to Setup Google Analytics on Your Blog

Yesterday I was able to setup Google Analytics on this blog. You can do the setup in just a few steps. So why do bloggers need Google Analytics? Google Analytics helps the bloggers to track the number of visitors and pageviews per month, per week, per day or even per second. This is one of the leading free tool that bloggers can't live without.