3 Helpful Tips Before Starting a Blog

Are you planning to start a blog? There are several factors to consider before starting a blog. Many people make their blog just for fun without planning. Chances are they might not get their targeted pageviews and most likely will not rank higher on Google. Don't worry once you are finished reading this post, I am sure that you will be ready to start your blog.

What you will learn:
  • Definitely you will know the importance in choosing the right niche.
  • What kind of blog suits for your time.
  • What blog site best to use.

Finding the Right Niche.

In finding your blog niche, you will also determine your targeted audience. Asked yourself this question, "Who are my targeted audience?". For example this blog is about SEO Tips for Beginners and a FREE listing directories. So my targeted audience are bloggers who want to optimize their search results. I chose this niche because there are a lot of bloggers who doesn't have much knowledge in SEO.

Think wisely in choosing your niche as it will also affect your blog targeted pageviews. If you will choose News blog make sure that you will have more time and effort. As News blog needs to be updated everyday or your visitors might stop visiting your site.

I do suggest to create a blog niche where you are expert at. Having an expertise is an edge for blogger, but it doesn't mean that if you don't have any you can't start a blog. Because creating a blog also means that you are willing to learn new things. You just need to do more research to start a blog.

Time & Effort.

How much time do you have to update your blog? How much effort you can do for your blog? In making a posts you need to research thoroughly and make a post that is unique and helpful for your audience. Creating a unique post will have a great chance to rank higher on Google search.

As I have said earlier about the News blog that needs to be updated everyday. If you have more time for your blog, then News blog would be great for you. But be more specific on what news you will be posting. It can be technology news, celebrity news and many more. Be sure that you are happy or you will choose what interests you most.

If you don't have much time with your blog, then I do suggest to create a blog that is based from facts which can last forever. You just need to make sure that your blog is much more detailed and helpful compared to your competitors so that you will rank higher on search results.

What blog site you will use?

The most popular blog sites are Wordpress and Blogger. Among of the two sites which are better? Wordpress is good and there a lot of popular sites that are using Wordpress. But if you are a starter, I do recommend using the Blogger. Easy to use, easy to customize your design, and easy to monetize once you have gain a lot of visitors. Because Blogger is associated with your Google Account, so there's no need to create another account. You can also easily linked to Google Analytics to check your daily statistics.

I'm sure that you already have an idea on how to start your blog. Hurry and get started today.

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