How to Rank Higher on Google Search Engine

The most powerful technique to rank higher on Google search is to write a unique and useful content/article. Google is upgrading their search results and don't really want a duplicate article and any paid links that is coming from your site. I just learned this new simple way how to rank higher on Google search. Writing unique article is the number one factor that will affect in Google page rankings. The other one is choosing the right keywords on your article.

Let's take for example this article I made today. You might have noticed that I bold the phrase "rank higher on Google search." Because that is the Google keyword I chose before starting this article then I just add the "How to" on my post title.

In choosing the right keyword that you want to write about, I do suggest to use the Google keywords. So what is the Google keywords? When you type in on Google search there will be a drop down lists of keywords available for your search. An example is on the pic below:

So why is this important? Because most of the searchers will definitely click on the keywords that Google suggested. But of course, you should also be careful in writing your article with the keywords that  you have chose. You also need to calculate the occurrences of your keywords. The most recommended percentage of the occurrences is between 1% and 4%. If it is less than to this percentage, then it might not have an affect. And it might be considered as spam if it will be more than.

Just in case you don't know how to calculate the occurrences of your keywords, it would be "number of keywords" / "number of all words on your article". Multiply it by 100 and that would be the percentage of your occurrences. You don't have to count the words on your posts. You can copy and paste your article onto Microsoft Office to know the number of words.

In this post, I have 532 words including my post title. And I have 8 keywords including post title.

That would be 8/532 = 0.015 * 100 = 1.50%

To rank higher on Google search is not that easy. Because you have a lot of site competitor which has a page rank higher than your site. But as long as you make a content better than your competitors, then I am sure that you will rank higher on Google search. You need to right an article with at least minimum of 300 words.

I also have noticed in Google search, that most of the number one spot on search are the posts that are based on their own experienced. Google recognized those posts because they are already proven by the experts. 

To summarize, to rank higher on Google search:
  • Write a unique content/article.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Calculate the occurrences of your keywords.
  • Write a post not less than 300 words.

This is still part of my experiment on this blog on how to rank higher on Google search. Once this post goes live on Google search I will update you how did it rank.


  1. thank you very much..these are really very nice tips to get ranked higher...this helps newbies very much..

  2. Thanks for the share Chris.
    It is really informative.

  3. Nice article!!! Thank you for the post. Please share some more tips.