13 FREE Page Rank 1 Article Directory Submission Lists Do Follow

Even if it is just a Page Rank 1 directory site, it will also help you build your backlinks to rank higher in the search engines. So create your article and submit it to these directory lists for FREE. Write a unique article so that it will be more recognizable on Google search engine.

  1. http://www.articler.com
  2. http://www.articlegnosis.com 
  3. http://www.articlespromoter.com 
  4. http://www.articlecache.com 
  5. http://www.articlewisdom.com 
  6. http://www.articles411.com 
  7. http://www.articlechoice.com 
  8. http://www.articler.com 
  9. http://www.articledirectoryid.com 
  10. http://www.bestinfobay.com 
  11. http://www.diyarticlelibrary.com 
  12. http://wwww.ezedir.com 
  13. http://www.myfreearticlecentral.com 

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